Verbreding van onze consultancy expertise om uw zakelijke omgeving te kunnen verbeteren

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Expertise voor verbetering van uw zakelijke omgeving

Succes is te allen tijde afhankelijk van expertise, maar vereist ook geduld, zorg en begrip. Ons team zet zich hier volledig voor in. Met meer dan 30 jaar ervaring, zorgen onze consulting- en developmentexpertise ervoor, dat we aan uw wensen voldoen en hoogwaardige oplossingen bieden. We werken flexibel, responsief en transparant en bieden u oplossingen die betere bedrijfsresultaten opleveren.

Bekijk onze Software Development Services

  • Consultancy Services

    We are dedicated to providing services that will improve your business performance. We have representation from all major industries; Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing and GIS. Our team are designers, technicians, site managers and surveyors. We have a significant engineering team including civil, highways, structural, building services, mechanical and electrical.

    But what does this mean for you? It means we can add real value, understand your business process, understand your challenges and build solutions that make a difference.

    Every service we offer will be provided with a full project management service. A dedicated project manager will ensure your project is scoped correctly and delivered on time and in budget first time! At every step of the way we will seek your feedback and strive to exceed your expectation.

    Our role is to help you get more from your investment, increase value and improve output.

  • Development Services

    Our development team will extend your capability through increased functionality and the delivery of bespoke applications with proven return on investment.

    Where your existing technology doesn’t quite meet your requirements, our team will step in. From additional functionality through to high performance applications, our iterative, low risk approach will ensure a software solution perfectly aligned to your business goals.

    Our team of developers, consultants and Industry professionals are based in the UK ensuring you have easy access to the team whenever you need them. All of the services we provide are subject to rigorous quality checks and every process managed under our ISO quality accreditation.

    Our team will deliver quality output on every occasion.

We pride ourselves on what you say

here are some of our many happy customers

  • They demonstrated a clear understanding of the kind of data we were handling

    Cadline was chosen because we just felt there was a good fit. They demonstrated a clear understanding of the kind of data we were handling and its relationship to the projects we were involved in, and importantly they made us feel that we were able to deal with them as equal partners, that we would get the right level of attention.”



    Andrew Barker Director

  • They’ve created a bespoke system which meets our requirements exactly

    Cadline understand our business needs. Before they began working on the solution, they made sure they were familiar with the precise nature of our problem. They’ve created a bespoke system which meets our requirements exactly.

    Our new system is very intuitive and was simple to learn.  We can get assistance if necessary as Cadline are providing ongoing support.

    The system will be invaluable on such projects, due to the amount of repetitive work involved and the challenge of producing masses of drawings to a tight time scale.

    I anticipate Areen being able to respond more efficiently to large submittals due to the time saved.  We should be able to budget more effectively and even to price more effectively.  We may even be able to win more business as a result.”

    Rob Ball CAD Systems Manager

  • Cadline has been instrumental in allowing us to offer a modern mapping solution

    Cadline has been instrumental in allowing us to offer a modern mapping solution to our staff and the public. Their knowledge of GIS and understanding of the business needs within the council have enabled us to ensure MapThat meets our requirements and enabled us to make our extensive GIS data available throughout the council in a simple and user-friendly way. We have found the staff to be helpful and always willing to assist us whenever we require assistance, it is because of this level of support and service that we look to Cadline when we require training in new GIS tools and processes.”


    Peter Low Senior Applications Analyst

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