Join us for our series of webinars to discover the benefits of Autodesk Manufacturing software.

Introduction to 3D manufacturing design with Fusion 360  

A look at how we can design parts for manufacturing, from idea to 3D model which can be manufactured. This webinar will show some of the capabilities that Fusion 360 has to offer.

What’s new in Inventor  

Many of the updates in Inventor 2023 are based on input from Engineers like you. Join us as we demonstrate some of the key new features and enhancements that make this release better than ever.

How to transition from AutoCAD to 3D design with Autodesk Inventor

Make the move to Inventor 3D and leverage your existing AutoCAD 2D data, either by direct link or copying.

How to manage/share engineering data – Vault Pro with Fusion Team

Manage data, track revisions and increase collaboration across your business with Autodesk Vault PDM software.

Engineering Change Management using Fusion Manage and Vault Professional

This webinar shows the fundamentals of change management using Fusion Manage to control the process and Vault Professional to control the data. It will demonstrate how using Cadline Autoconnect the two systems can be seamlessly connected and hence ensure the data is managed in a controlled manner.

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